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Advance Botox Blond Control Restructuring Xtreme Hair Mask 1000ml - All Nature


Through the exclusive active Vitamare®, which combines Organic Acids with Seaweed Enzymes, Botox Blond Control promotes volume reduction and frizz control, gradually releasing particles to provide shine and conditioning. Its formula contains Silk.B®, a silicone complex with blue / violet pigment that prevents fading and revives blondes. It also contains Hydra Power®, an active ingredient that provides softness and forms a protective film with prolonged action, leaving the threads soft and easy to model.
Indication: Progressive Brush ideal for blond hair
pH between 1.5 and 2
Main component: Vitamare®, Hydra Power® and Silk B.

How to use:
Wash your hair with Nature Advance X.PURE Shampoo. Repeat the application. Dry approximately 80 to 90% of the hair (no brushing required). With the help of a brush, apply the product, lock by lock, throughout the hair. Leave on for an average of 1 hour (this time can be increased according to the wire structure and the desired result - for more resistant wires, increase the break time). Rinse, dry, make a brush and straighten all the hair (thin strands, average temperature of 200ºC, 10 times each strand).

-01 All Nature Advance Botox Blond Control Restructuring Mask 1000ml