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Afro Hidrat 22 Curly Wavy Hair Moisturizer Anti Frizz Kit 2x1000ml - All Nature


Hidrat 22 forms a reticular film on the hair, controlling the volume and leaving disciplined strands. The Solar Filter protects the hair from the action of UV light and the Silicone has amino function, which is a specific conditioner to stay on the hair even after washing. Wheat Oligosaccharides give discipline and form a reticular film, giving shine and softness, and preventing hair from standing on end even in high relative humidity. Avoids the action of time, controlling the volume and the creepy aspect, promoting shine and softness to the hair.
Without rinsing. Protects and moisturizes all types of hair.
pH between 4.0 and 5.5
Main component: Silicone, Sunscreen, Proteins and Wheat Oligosaccharides.
Yield: The 310 ml package yields an average of 60 applications. The 1000 ml package yields an average of 200 applications.
Observations: Hair that has been relaxed should not leave the salon without the protection of Hidrat 22. To reduce volume and define curls, it must be used in conjunction with Super Moisturizer.

Super Moisturizer is a Leave in Conditioner that activates and defines the curly hair. Simply spread over damp or dry hair to make it soft and naturally elastic. It is a deep moisturizer that, due to the presence of Oligosaccharides and Wheat Oligopeptides, reduces the action of time humidity, making the curls stay fixed and shiny. Its formula contains Cellulose which, together with Chitosan Fiber, is responsible for fixing the curls.
Indication: curly and wavy hair. Moisturizes, activates and defines curls.
pH between 4.5 and 5.5
Main component: Oligosaccharides and Wheat Oligopeptides, Polyquaternions 10 and 44, Chitosan and Silicone.
Observations: For volume reduction and curl definition use in conjunction with Hidrat 22.

-01 All Nature Afro Hidrat 22 1000ml
-01 All Nature Afro Moisturizer 1000ml