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Shades EQ 07VB Violet Star Conditioning Color Tinting Gloss 60ml - Redken

by Redken

Toner for all hair types. Redken Shades EQ renews the color, corrects the tone and gives shine to the hair with smoothness and health.

The Redken Shades EQ Toner presents an advanced formula, without ammonia, with an equalizing gloss texture, acidic pH, wheat and silicone amino acids for a delicate and vibrant coverage of all wires, including white ones. Its action conditions the hair, hydrates and promotes colors with pigments that last much longer.

Wheat amino acids: retain moisture and protect the integrity of the hair fiber.

Silicone: which improves shine and facilitates wet styling.

Active acid pH: does not dilate the cuticles, allowing a gentle coloring process and hair free from aggression.

How to use:
Follow the application instructions according to the product instructions. Read all the steps before starting the application and do not skip steps.

- We recommend that this product is used only by professionals;
- Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their doctor before making use;
- It should not be applied to children under 15;
- In case of irritation or pre-existing wound on the scalp, consult a doctor before application;
- Use a disposable glove when applying.

-01 Redken Shades EQ 07VB Violet Star Gloss Tinting 60ml