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Shades EQ Gloss Amino Acids Silicones Wheat Crystal Clear Thinner 500ml - Redken

by Redken

taining thinner. Redken Shades EQ Equalizing Conditioning Crystal Clear promotes hair conditioning and color equalization for beautiful, healthy and bright tones.

The acid formula of Redken Shades EQ Equalizing Conditioning Crystal Clear, without ammonia and with wheat amino acids, is a mixture of direct and oxidizing inks, which can be added to the permanent colorings of Redken to invigorate the color. Its action can also be to ensure brightness bath and tone correction.

Active acid pH: to ensure a smooth action for excellent conditioning and shine. 
Formula without ammonia and discoloration: which reduces dilation and damage to the cuticle.

Long-lasting pigments: to create a vibrant color that softens the hue.

Wheat amino acids: which helps to fix moisture and protects hair conditioning.

Silicone: which improves shine and facilitates wet styling.

How to use:
Mix in a 1: 1 ratio with the Shades EQ developer.
Shades EQ Gloss can be applied with a bowl and brush or applicator bottle, and can be diluted with Crystal Clear to reduce the intensity or customize any shade.
Leave to act at room temperature for 20 minutes or up to 40 minutes for white hair.
For resistant hair, let it act for 15 minutes with a plastic cap under the pre-heated salon hairdryer. Remove the cap and let it cool for 5 minutes.
For resistant white threads, let it act for 20 minutes with a plastic cap under the pre-heated salon hair dryer. Remove the cap and let it act for another 20 minutes at room temperature. Then wash with Color Extend shampoo and conditioner.

- We recommend that this product is used only by professionals;
- Pregnant women and nursing mothers should consult their doctor before making use;
- It should not be applied to children under 15;
- In case of irritation or pre-existing wound on the scalp, consult a doctor before application;
- Use a disposable glove when applying.

-01 Redken Shades EQ Gloss Thinner 500ml