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Vezzo Bio Keratin Hair Reconstructor Straightening Treatment Kit 3x1L - Xfactor

by Xfactor

Indication: For hair damaged by the action of time or chemical or for healthy hair in the treatment and strengthening of the strands

Anti-Waste Shampoo:
Deep cleans hair and scalp, eliminates residues and prepares hair for treatment actives.

Hydrolyzed Keratin:
It penetrates the hair fiber and replenishes the keratin lost in previous chemical processes, recovering and strengthening the damaged strands.

Hair Reconstructor:
Its protective formula penetrates the hair cuticle, improving and recovering the properties of the hair fiber.
It retains the nutrients obtained in the previous steps, preventing dryness and static electricity in the hair.

Usage Tip: Apply a generous amount on clean, damp hair, lock by lock, ensuring contact with all hairs.

How to use: After washing the hair with shampoo, apply the keratin lock by lock, over the entire length of the hair. Then apply the board to each lock for at least 3 times, let the hair cool and rinse. After the keratin, englove the strands with the mask in small locks, let it act for about 15 to 20 minutes, remove all the product by rinsing the strands, dry with a towel. End with wish.

Product compatible with all chemicals and hair types.

-01 Anti-residue Shampoo 1L
-01 Hydrolyzed Keratin 1L
-01 Reconstruction Mask 1L