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Arvensis Naturalcurls Mask 2 in 1 450g - Arvensis

Mask Natural Bunches 2x1

The natural bunches mask 2x1 was developed to act as moisturizer and finalizer for curly and crop hair. Elaborated through the perfect combination of coconut oil, vegetable collagen, avocado and vitamin E, the mask provides numerous benefits such as advanced nutrition, damaged wire repair, high hydration, softness and extra brightness.

Its protective and multifunctional action - enriched with sunscreen - still confers resistance, film formation and frizz control, in addition to maintaining natural moisture for nutrid and radiant curls. Ideal for use in the "No Shampoo" technique.

Main assets:

- Coconut oil: high mooring and moisturizing power, replenish nutrients and acts in the decrease of frizz. It still has sealing cuticula action avoiding double tips.

- Vegetable collagen: provides amino acids and fiber functional nutrition proteins, promotes hydration and restores the elasticity of wires. It forms a flexible ultra-noun film that protects and defines the curls, as well as acting in the control of the frizz.

-Abacate: The natural avocado extract has emollient properties that promote deep hydration, nutrition and vitality to the hair.

-PH: 3.5-4.5

Indication: Curly and croped hair (3B / 3C / 4A / 4B / 4C).