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Arvensis Revolution Serum Thermo Protector Vegan 60ml - Arvensis

Thermal protection in wires

Dryers, chapters, curl patterns and other heat tools are used almost every day by women at stinging and finishing hair on a daily basis. However, for
That the use of these items does not prejudice the capillary fiber is indispensable the use of the thermal protector, which has as function to prevent the heat of these instruments to damage the wires. In addition, this type of
Product aggregates other hair benefits as heat-activated, as brightness, softness and frizz reduction.

• Sérum Term Protector: Unique product in the treatment of all kinds of hair. Its formulation rich in silicones and special assets acts as powerful thermal protector, assisting in the repair of damaged cuticles and double tips, decreased frizz, giving special brightness, softness and lightness to the wires. (60 mL)

• Note: All kinds of hair.
• Function: Thermal protection, repair of damaged cuticles and double tips.
• Results and Benefits: Hair Protected Damage.