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Biocolagem Biocollage Home Care Hair Maintenance Kit 3x230ml - Manga Rosa

Rich in collagen, elastin and algae. The product acts on hair restructuring through the daily replacement of these agents. The algae promote the healing of the strands and the small amount of shading keeps the blonde longer, without the unwanted yellowing. Can be used daily

Shampoo Fresh Clean: indicated for fragile hair and chemical post treatments, continuing the bio-collage treatment, keeping it smooth for longer.

Soft Touch Conditioner: suitable for all hair types, rich in collagen and elastin, it gives the strands a silky shine and natural appearance used after treatment.

Leave-in Instant Shine: Used to make a brush or make hair more hydrated, it contains sunscreen and does not need to be removed from the hair. Can be used on curly hair to style or finish brushes.

-01 Fresh Clean Shampoo 230ml
-01 Soft Touch Conditioner 230ml
-01 Leave-in Instant Shine 230ml.