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Black Diva Propionic Activating Liquid Luxury Hair Treatment 500ml - Ybera Paris

by Ybera
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Specially formulated for use with Black Diva Softening Cream. Its function is to acidify the emollient base, enabling a safe cream for smoothing or relaxation in 3 levels of intensity: Smooth, regular and super.
Tip: This product is compatible with all chemicals, but it is necessary to check the condition of the hair, we do not recommend use if the hair is "elastic".

How to prepare the Kit Acid Relaxation:
Super Strength: 1 For 1 = 50g Emollient Base + 50ml Propionic Activating Liquid Regular Strength: 1 Per 0.25 = 50g Emollient Base + 25ml Propionic Activating Liquid
Soft Strength: 1 Per 0.10 = 50g Emollient Base + 10ml Propionic Activating Liquid

Apply to damp hair a generous amount of root as tips, without exaggerating the scalp. Pattern the strands and let them dry naturally. 

-1 Ybera Paris Black Diva Luxury Propionic Activating Liquid 500ml