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Pearly Effect Rapunzel Tinting Treatment Blond Gold 2 Products Kit - Magic Color



Rapunzel kit complete with powerful de-yellowing action for blond hair + treatment mask that stimulates hair growth and leaves hair stronger, softer, silky and healthier.

The Rapunzel Blond Gold Tinting is enriched with natural extracts of rosemary, cotton, oats, arnica, rice, burdock, bamboo shoot, coffee, marigold, d-panthenol, ginger, jaborandi, white rose, sage and nettle, in addition to oils of coconut and jojoba, which aid in growth, protect with anti-breakage action and prevent the aging of the hair. These extracts and oils also help to maintain the moisture content of the hair, favoring the reduction of frizz and giving movement to the hair.

The Rapunzel Treatment Mask has its formula enriched with Oat Extract, Coconut Oil, Wheat Proteins, Soy Proteins and Biotin that nourish and protect the hair with anti-breakage action and prevent aging. Provides ultra hydration stimulating growth, leaving them stronger, softer, silky and healthier.

The Rapunzel Blond Treatment Mask is also suitable for diluting the Rapunzel Blond Gold and Blond Silver Tinters. Follow the instructions for use available on the Matizador label.

How to use:
Gloss - After washing your hair with the shampoo of your choice, apply Gloss Matizador 3D Ruivo Sensation on damp hair, rubbing from root to tip without massaging. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes. After reaching the desired time, rinse thoroughly.

Mask - After washing your hair with the Rapunzel Shampoo, apply the Rapunzel Treatment Mask to slightly damp hair. Gently massage strand by strand along the entire length. Let stand for 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

-01 Magic Color Blond Gold Kit 2 Products