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Deep Hair Mask Capillary Little Red Riding Hood Hair Mask 1kg - FioPerfeitto

FioPerfeitto Deep Hair Mask Little Red Riding Hood Capillary Mask  for red hair provides replenishment of capillary mass, reduction of volume, intense glow, deep hydration and activation of color in red hair.

It was developed with innovative technology to provide maximum shine to the hair. It has in its formula complex moisturizing of vegetal oils, proteins and amino acids, helping in the repair of all the hair fiber, leaving the hair soft, silky and with intense brightness from the first application.

Little Red Riding Hood Hair Mask has the power of moisturizing and deep nutrition. It cauterizes the hair, recovering the hair fiber and reviving the color of red hair and giving a perfect hydration.

How to Use:
Apply the Deep Hair Mask Mask for red hair with wet hair throughout the area of ​​the hair, evenly distributing with a comb for better penetration of the product. Let stand for 10 minutes until you notice it has been fully absorbed. If you prefer, use a thermal cap. Rinse with water only in the lavatory. Dry and wire to wick.