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Brush Progressive Moroccan Intensive - Abelha Rainha

Moroccan Progressive Brush No Formol Intensive Bee Queen 100ml

Purpose: Gradually defrasp the hair, without assaulting the capillary fiber. With Argan oil, the Moroccan gold that moisturizes and strengthens the hair. All the types of hair

Active principles:

Pro Liss: Active derived from L-cysteine ​​that promotes fiber realignment and provides discipline to hair.
Argan oil: AGE controlling the frizz, donates glitter, elasticity, silky and protects hair against external agents.
Hydra.sil: Blend of Silicon and Pantenol (Vit. B5) that protects capillary fiber, improves texture and has repairing wires action.
Karité ester: exerts a moisturizing and protective action on capillary fiber by reposing the lipid layer.

Composition: shea butter cetyl ester, peg 90m, Cetrimonium chloride, dimethicone, behetrimonium methossulfate, isopropyl palmitate, silanetryol, panthenol, polyquarternium 10, parfum, aqua, methylchloroisothiazolinone, cyclomethycone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Argania spinosa, karnel oil, sodium acetate, sodium chloride, Isopropyl alcohol, glyoxyloyl, carbocysteine, glyoxyloyl karetin amino acids, cetearyl alcohool.