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Btox Eight Elegance Cream Moisturizer 1kg - Elegance

BTOX moisturizing cream Eight Elegance - 1Kgo Btox moisturizing cream was elaborated with the

Proposal to moisturize deeply and align the wires by reducing the volume. Highly nutritious and rich in moisturizing properties, saddle the cuticle and restores fiber. Its formulation contains low molecular weight keramatin, Argan and hydrolyzed collagen. A rich blend of assets that provides progressive alignment resulting in reduction of volume, balance and intense brilliance.indication: indicated for reduction of volume and maintenance of progressive brushes. Ideal for dry and dehydrated hair, with low progressive brushes. Volume reduction with repair and hydration against the effects caused by the use of thermal equipment - hats, wavy, and dryers. Apply Botox moisturizing cream, length and tips using a brush and respecting 1 cm from the root. Distribute with a fine-teeth comb, combing the same wick up to wrap the wires. Leave acting for 20 minutes. Make a mild rinse only to take over the product (important that get a small amount of the product for a better result). Brush your hair polishing the wires and then plank on fine strands. Finish as desired.