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Bye Bye Volume Thermoactive Spray Magic Smooth No Frizz 200ml - Forever Liss


With advanced nanotechnology, the Spray Bye Bye Volume and Frizz prolongs the smooth effect for longer, eliminating frizz and disciplining the hair. Provides immediate clearance, seals cuticles, removes split ends providing ultra shine. Chemical free with Palm Oil and Pistachio. Contains no sulphates, petrolatums and mineral oils. It acts against the volume and frizz of the hair, providing an effect when the more you use it, the smoother it gets.

- Constant Magic Smooth Effect, even after hair washing;
- Ultra sealing, restoring the hair fiber;
- Reduction of natural volume;
- No frizz;
- Thermal protection;
- Repair and combat split ends;
- Fast clearance;
- Nutrition, Repair and Hydration;
- Intense shine;
- Combats humidity;

How to Use:
After washing and conditioning the hair, remove the moisture with a towel. Spray the Bye Bye Volume Spray and fry the tips from the root and comb. Finish as you wish, if you prefer you can finish with a hairdryer.

-01 Forever Liss Bye Bye Volume Spray Magic Smooth No Frizz 200ml