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Cauterization Bio Cauter Restore Keratin Royal Jelly Shampoo 300ml - Forever Liss

Shampoo Cauterization Cauter Restore Forever Liss 300ml for damaged and porous hair. With its exclusive Bio-Restore formula, Brazilian keratin, Ceramides and royal jelly, it promotes a gentle cleansing with a high-performance preparation, removing impurities and intensely restructuring all the hair fiber in dry and chemically fragile hair. Promotes powerful repair while fortifying your strands making them more resistant to further damage.

Indicated for all types of hair, especially porous, damaged and chemically treated hair.

Bio-Restore®: Developed to restore extra dry and chemically fragile hair. It seals the cuticles and protects the color.

Brazilian Keratin: Helps in the internal and external reconstruction of the hair, providing strength and structure to the hair.

Ceramides: Works in the protection and water control of the hair, ensuring more protection, alignment and shine to the locks.

Royal Jelly: Rebuilds the hair fiber and restores the elasticity compromised by chemical action.

Gentle and effective cleaning
Prevent future damage
Strengthening the threads
Increases nutrient absorption
powerful repair
Hair Fiber Restructuring

How to use:
01. With damp or wet hair, apply Reconstructor Shampoo gently massaging the scalp with your fingertips until a foam forms. Rinse
02. Repeat the process and let it act for 3 minutes.
03. Rinse thoroughly.
For a better result, use the complete Cauter Restore line

Clean and restructured hair with powerful repair, preventing future damage. The result of the product may vary according to the state and conditions of each type of hair.

01 - Cauterization Shampoo Cauter Restore Forever Liss 300ml.