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Cuticle Sealing Natural Extract Professional Hydration Glow Hair 2x2,5L - Adlux

by Adlux


Replaces lost hair fiber;
Reduces the porosity of the wires;
Seals cuticles;
Removes oil from the hair, thus balancing the pH of the hair;
Glow Hair Adlux helps to enhance the shine and softness of your hair;
Helps protect the scalp;
Returns 100% vitamins;
Recovers chemically damaged hair;

Adlux is a highly qualified cosmetics company that aims to meet all the requirements of the standard of beauty and aesthetics salons.

How to Use:
Use the shampoo step 1 twice and then rinse the hair and apply the hair mask to restore the hair step 2, it is not necessary to let it act for a long time, just glove and massage well greetings and hair tips. Remove excess product and take the customer to the chair. Then apply and Spray at a distance of 10 to 20 cm in the hands spreading the product on the hair Glow Hair Active Term Adlux finisher facilitating the hairstyle and not leaving the hair dry. Now start the process of brushing and straightening your hair.

-01 Adlux Glow Hair Keratin Shampoo 2.5L
-01 Adlux Glow Hair Cuticle Restorative mask 2.5L
-01 Adlux Glow Hair Active Term Finisher 120ml