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Desembucha Hair Treatment Kit 2x300ml - Floractive


The Desembucha line was specially developed to restore fiber and maintain the pigment, as it contains vitamin B5 that penetrates deeply into the capillary cortex. The urea derivatives and the amino acids present in the formulation retain water molecules giving hydration, shine and softness. In the use of the complete line allows detachment and combability and capillary emollience.

Active principles
D Panthenol or Vitamin B5: Because it is a small molecule, it penetrates easily and slowly into the hair fiber. D Panthenol has a very fast moisturizing and moisturizing action. It adds softness and suppleness to the threads, precisely because of its property of absorbing water.

Sensitive aqua: Rich in minerals such as zinc, iron, manganese and eselenium, replenish the water level of the threads, essential item to keep them healthy. Buff the wire, leaving it firmer and protected. It hydrates without leaving hair heavy, besides recomposing the shine and diminishing the frizz

Urea Derivatives: It is a super-powerful moisturizer, which helps retain water in the hair essential for rubbery, brittle hair with excess chemistry.

Disembarking, Compatibility, Emolliency.

Hair Removal Mask 300ml - was developed for extremely dry, rebellious, frizz and difficult to comb hair. Promotes brightness, softness, lightness and instant malleability.
How to use: With your hair washed and clean, apply the Mask Desembucha Floractive Hair, let it act for a few minutes and rinse. Apply Fluid Discharge at tips and length, and finish with plenty of water.

Fluid Desembucha Hair 300 ml - Floractive Hair Disembowe is designed for extremely dry, rebellious, frizz-hard hair. Promotes brightness, softness, lightness and instant malleability.
How to use: After applying and rinsing the Mask Desembucha Hair Floractive, apply the Fluid Desembucha Hair in the tips and length, and finalize as you wish.