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Fashion Gold Post Progressive Home Care Maintenance Kit 2x500 - Ybera Paris

by Ybera

FASHION GOLD POST PROGRESSIVE SHAMPOO prolongs the smoothing effect and preserves the shine and natural hydration of the hair.

2 IN 1 MASK is able to condition and hydrate at the same time. Providing a unique effect, leaving your hair with balance and naturalness.

Its exclusive technology prolongs the effect obtained by the progressive brush, leaving hair straight for much longer.

A conventional shampoo tends to remove the straightening effect up to 5x faster, in addition to leaving the hair dry and dull.

On the other hand, SHAMPOO FASHION GOLD was elaborated with the highest technology to keep hair scales (hair cuticles) closed, preventing oxidation and loss of assets that keep hair smooth and nourished. Its exclusive formulation cleans without damaging the hair, promoting deep hydration and intense treatment. Its concentrated formula provides greater performance, enabling a much greater number of washes than other traditional shampoos.

The 2 IN 1 MASK does not require the use of conditioner, as its balanced PH hydrates while keeping the hair cuticle closed, preserving the straightening for much longer. It can be used daily. It does not increase the natural oiliness of the threads and does not leave a “heavy” appearance.

Recommended for all hair types and compatible with all chemicals on the market. Does not change the color of the threads. Can be used daily.

Especially suitable for those who use the FASHION GOLD Progressive Brush.
This product does not straighten the hair, it only prolongs the effect obtained with the progressive brush.

-01 Ybera Fashion Gold Shampoo 500ml
-01 Ybera Fashion Gold Mask 500g