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intensive capillary reconstructor SOS Bottox Macadamia Serum 250ml - Floractive


SOS Bottox Macadamia is an intensive capillary reconstructor. Its exclusive formula recovers brittle, rubbery and porous threads, providing beauty, silkiness and malleability to the threads. With high rejuvenating power the Macadamia kit provides an indispensable support for the professional hairdresser. Used for chemical reversal, SOS, reconstruction and prevention of hair aging. Rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Omega 7 and Selenium, it acts on fiber by recovering, strengthening and fighting premature aging.

Highly concentrated fluid, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Applied directly on damaged yarns it recovers the fiber and gives back the flexibility and vitality. Its effect is enhanced using it in conjunction with the Macadamia Mask. Provides silky, glossy and softness. Can be used to recover damaged hair or just as anti-frizz and thermal protector before brush and flat iron.

How to use:
-With wet and damp hair, apply the SOS Bottox Serum to the wick and distribute evenly over the hair. 
-Leave on for 10 minutes, then apply the SOS Mask and thoroughly wrap the threads.
-Align hair with a thin comb and wipe the sole just to heat the wicks. Rinse hair well.
-Reapply the Serum at a distance of 30cm.
-Just one spray. Brush and flst iron.
-Be sure not to over apply before brushing.

-1 SOS Bottox Macadamia Serum 250ml