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Genoma Ortho Reconstructor Intensive Maintenance Hair 2 Products - Ybera Paris

by Ybera
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The Ybera Professional research center again brings a great new. Get to know the treatment that goes beyond the limits of the perfect result, Genome, the first transfusion service for the cortex.

Genome Ortho Reconstructor Shampoo 250ml - The Ortho Reconstructor Shampoo fills the cracks and porosities of the strands, restructures with antique and anti-double action, restoring movement and shine to the wire.
How to use: Apply Ortho Reconstructive Shampoo, massage well to create a foam, leave on for 3 minutes, rinse and repeat the operation if necessary.
Indication: Restore hair dna through a cortex transfusion

Genome Ortho Reconstructor Intensive Mask 200g - brings in its formulation, in addition to the pro-genus complex (spirulina, alpha-keratin and vecorexin), also glutamic acid (which acts on the damaged parts of the threads), lactic acid has filling properties) and glucquat, with water retaining power in the strands, thus promoting a complete cortex transfusion.
How to use: After applying and rinsing with maintenance Shampoo, apply wick to intensive or reconstructive mask, leave to act for 20 minutes with a styrofoam, then rinse.

Indication: Restore hair dna through a cortex transfusion.