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Hair Reconstruction Coconut Bioplasty Kit 5x500ml - Tree Liss


With the nano-restorative formulation allied to the nutrients of the caviar regenerates the wires leaving them healthy and wonderful, four treatment in one kit.

Step 1- Pre-treatment shampoo - 3 in 01 - 300ml
Hygiene, Purification and Peeling
To cleanse, purify and open the hair cuticles, especially for care of the hair and scalp, removes waste and pollutants, preparing to receive all types of treatment.

Step 2 Repository Mask - High Impact - 300ml
It elaborates the benefits of the vitamins and proteins of the caviar extract and emollients to restore the capillary mass with high impact moisturizers and conditioners.
For all hair types with rejuvenating effect of capillary fiber recovering them leaving with luster, softness and softness.

Step 3 - Bioplasty Reconstructor, 3 in 1 - 300ml
Reconstructor, Repository (keratin), Balancer (Proteins and vitamins)
With advanced capillary treatment system with nano-replenishing compounds to restructure hair fiber with proteins, vitamins and keratin.
Restores the threads with silk proteins and argan oil leaving them healthy with shine and naturalness.

Step 4 - Bioplasty Cream - Leave-In - 300ml
Brightness and control of the frizz, Thermal Proteotr with UVA and UVB, Silky touch and softness, facilitates the Brushing and the use of plank, Cleanser, Prevents double tips, enhances the natural volume of the hair.
Without rinsing, it facilitates brushing, protects the wires from the heat of the board, dryer and solar rays.
Controls p Brushing facilitating the styling effect.
Returns the soft smoothness of the wires.

Shake 3x1 Coconut Bioplasty - 300ml Leave In
Keratin, Protein and Vitamins - Reconstructor
It is an advanced system composed of nano replenishers to restructure the hair fiber with the benefits of the vitamins and proteins of the extract of caviar and keratin. Restores wires leaving them healthy with shine and naturalness

Capillary Reconstruction - Step 1 - Step 2 - Step 3 - Step 4
Cauterization - Step 1 - Step 3 - Step 4
Deep Hydration - Step 1 - Step 2 - Step 4
Brush - Step 4 - Nutre Repair