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Just Sofistic Professional Moisturizing Termic Gloss 300ml - Sorali

by Sorali

Just Sofistic Professional Moisturizing line was developed with powerful natural assets such as Ginger, Arginine, Cereals, Tucuman and Vitamin E.
The products of this line provide yarn strengthening, moisturizing and replenishing mass in a balanced manner, giving healthy for the hair, from root to tip.

The Thermic Gloss has the function of stimulating the production of collagen, deeply hydrating and improving the structure of the wires, ensuring that they grow healthy. Used in anti-grease treatment, it is also able to avoid the appearance of heavy wires. It has thermal protection and solar protection against UV rays, it can be used before brushing or as a finisher without rinsing. It works as temporary relaxation, forming a protective film against moisture in the threads, holding the brush until the next wash, even in very dry and rebellious hair.

Step By Step:
1- Wash the threads with Nutritive Shampoo, massaging to form a rich, creamy lather, rinse.

2- 2nd Apply the wick to wick, gently wiring the wires, leaving the wick for 20 minutes, rinse.

3- Apply the Termic Gloss, distributing the product through the whole length of the threads, dry and finish, apply the Sorali Cosmetic Nutritional Serum.