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Kit Sos Felithi Platinum Intense Repair Reconstructor - Felithi

by Felithi
Super cauterization.

SOS. Platinum is the first hair rejuvenating kit released in Brazil. The only one able to reincorporate the capillary mass from a blend of exclusive and state-of-the-art assets, resulting in S.O.S. That will actually provide, even in the most damaged hair, a deep recomposition of the wires and in most situations with immediate effect. SOS. Platinum returns the strength, malleability and elasticity that the wires lose over time, due to the inevitable oxidizing action and the varied and constant chemical aggressions such as colorations, discolorations, straightening, among others.

Immediate effect.Super cauterization.

- Do not need heat

- Act instantly

- Use before or after chemical processes or extremely damaged hair

- Use only when necessary

(1 x per week passing to 1x every 15 days and then 1x per month)

For emergencies during chemical processes, take excess of chemistry, apply SOS and return with the process.

Dual cleaning shampoo 240 ml
Gathering the most modern technology, dual shampoo, as well as cleaning the hair, moisturizes and nourishes the wires through a mixture of amino acids, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and arginine. Renew the structure of the hair, giving brightness, softness and combability.

Max Help Reconstructor 240 ml
Max Help contains a combination of special bio-positive assets to reincorporate the mass of the wires, quickly recovering the strength and malleability of the hair. Rich in amino acids, polymers and noble silicones, gives glitter, softness, combability, restructures the most damaged hair, returning them the natural balance and protecting them from the solar rays and chemical processes.

Hot fluid thermoprotector 240 ml
Hot Fluid protects the heat and mechanical action of dryers and planks. Contains special noble silicones that revitalize the brightness of the wires and repair the matching tips, conferring them, still, softness, combability and lightness.


- reincorporates the capillary mass;
- deep recomposition and reconstruction;
- returns strength;
- immediate effect;

The Felithi S.O.S kit. Platinum Kera Hair consists of:

- 01 Dual Shampoo Step 1 - 240ml
- 01 Max Help Step 2 - 240ml
- 01 Hot Fluid Step 3 - 240ml