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Lisinhos Kids Home Care Straight Hair Low Poo Treatment Kit 2x200g - Forever Liss

Bath time will get even more fun with the KIDS Forever Liss line. Straight Hair Children's Shampoo and Conditioner Kit has mixes with actives from nature and special scents for smooth and wavy princesses.

Shampoo Smooth Forever Kids has a recipe created with care, using actives from nature such as fibers, polymers, linseed proteins that gently clean the threads while promoting shine and protection.

The Forever Kids Smooth Conditioner has a recipe especially for the most demanding and precious hairs! Using special actives from nature, such as Proteins, Grape Seed Oil and Linen Fibers, this cream will bring incredible shine, smoothness and smoothness to all types of straight or wavy hair, in just a few minutes.

The special care that the love of your life deserves.

Hypoallergenic product and dermatologically tested.

Suitable for straight hair.

Flaxseed and fiber: Bioadhesive soluble fibers and proteins rich in arginine. Anti-frizz properties with immediate action, which aligns hair, making it smoother, in addition to thermal protection.

Grape Seed Oil: Promotes nutrition and hydration of the hair, leaving them more shiny and beautiful.

Delicate cleaning
cuticle alignment
volume reduction
anti-frizz action
wire protection

How to use:
01. With damp hair, apply Smooth Shampoo, gently massaging the scalp with your fingertips until a lather forms.
02. Rinse thoroughly.
03. Apply conditioner evenly on wet hair.
04. Massage and let it act for 1 to 3 minutes.
05. Rinse.

Protected and ultra hydrated hair more shiny and beautiful.

01 - Smooth Shampoo Forever Liss 200g.
01 - Smooth conditioner Forever Kids 200g.