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Lisoplastia Progressive Brush Hair Treatment Kit 3x1 - Madamelis


MadameLis Lisoplastia system is new and exclusive! We selected the most efficient treatment oils, argan and ojon. Provides hair with special smooth effect with mirrored shine and complete hair repair.

Anti-Waste Shampoo Step 1: Provides cleansing and opening of immediate cuticle with malleability in use making hair easy to handle, avoiding dryness.

Reducing Mask Step 2: Provides perfect sliding on the hair and greater yield. Its appearance is of a Transparent Oil, therefore, its formulation counts on the main oils for hair treatments, Ojon and Argan. Innovative and differentiated product in the market for being a transparent mask, free of fatty acids.

Sealant Mask Step 3: Used to finish the final process of progressive hair washing, and can also be used separately with Step 1, for Hair Sealing Treatment Mask, which provides the hair with volume control and smooth effect with extreme brightness.

How to Use:
Shampoo - Apply the Lipoplasty Step 1 on wet hair for at least 2 times and in the last application let it rest for 15 minutes then rinse and dry 90% hair with dryer.

Reducing Mask - Use Glove for hands. Divide the hair into 4 parts and apply Lisoplasty Step 2 in fine strokes 1cm away from the root (do not let it touch the scalp as it makes the brushing process difficult). Spread the product with a fine comb and spread across the wick to the ends. When finished applying the product on the first divided part of the hair, dry this part 80% using cold air and alternating with warm air from the dryer and then brush the first part.
Repeat the application on the other divided parts of the hair and do one part at a time.
After applying the product and brushing all the hair, divide the hair already brushed in 4 parts, in fine strokes root apply the tips to the plank slowly until the total sealing of the cuticle (on average 8 to 10 times).

Sealing Mask - Let the hair rest for 30 minutes then wash the hair using only the Step 3 Masking Mask. Let the mask work for 10 minutes then rinse and dry the hair with air only.

-01 Anti-waste Shampoo 1L Lisoplasty
-01 Mascara Lisoplasty 1L
-01 Mask Sealer 1Kg