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Hydra Complete Home Care Treatment 5 Products - Mag Magnifica

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A kit for chemically treated hair. Mag Magnifica Hydra Complete Treatment provides nourishing care that keeps the wires smooth, strong and shiny.

Mag Magnifica Hydra Complete Treatment has everything your hair needs, from cleaning to finishing, to recover and maintain the resistance of the threads, to hydrate and keep the cuticles always aligned and closed so that the hair is disciplined, soft and luminous.


Mag Magnifica Hydra - Shampoo 240ml: prolongs the smooth effect with nourishment, strength and intense shine

Mag Magnifica Hydra Mask - Mask 300g: restores hydration, mass and prolongs the duration of straightening

Mag Magnifica Hydra - Conditioner 240g: softness and emollience that deeply restructures the wires

Mag Magnifica Mag Leave On 240ml: prolongs smoothness and softness of the threads

Mag Magnifica Mag Shine - Cleansing Oil 30ml: protects the threads from heat with brilliance and antifrizz protection


Amino acids and biotin: a combination that restructures the hair fiber and gives strength to the hair against the aggressions and the break

Collagen and biotin: preserves the flexibility of the hair cortex against breakage and strengthens the structure of the threads Lanolin and silk protein: retains hydration and gives shine and softness to the hair

How to use

Rinse hair with Mag Magnifica Hydra shampoo. Then remove excess water from the wires and apply the mask to the length and ends. Massage the locks and let it act for 5 minutes. Then rinse and complete with the conditioner at length and ends for another 5 minutes. Remove completely with water.

Use the combing cream after washing the hair. Remove the excess water with the towel and distribute it by the length and ends. Let it dry naturally or brush the wires.

Apply a few droplets in the palm of the hands and distribute the length and tips of the wet wires before brushing or after the board.


Hair with health and smooth preserved, silky to the touch and shiny.