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Mask Acquaplex Acquaflora 250g - Acquaflora

Immediate hydration for pre and PO s processes chi

• Free of parabens and mineral leo
• Hydrates, recovers and protects the super processed, ensuring softness and minimizing the risk of breaking.

The use of a set of the Loos, LCOOs, and SERES, waxes and components of plant origin with special characteristics provide inu mere benefic CIOs:

• Protects against the yellowing of the lights and discolored hair, avoids fading and maintains the color Successive washes.
• Improves resistance.
• Increases the swing of smooth and wavy hair: effect of "appreciation of curls".
• Decreases frizz and hair volume.
• Increases the sensation of silkiness.
• Repairing effect of tips and protective te (brushes, hairdressers, hair dryer).
• Antirradical free and antioxidant.

Tips for use:

APO s the procedure chi mico, rinse well the hair and apply the MAcara acquaplex in length and tips. Leave acting for 5 minutes and rinse. Use once a week for maintenance and hydration of chemically treated hair. The application of the Acquaplex fluid during the transfor procedures, protects the integrity of them without interfering with the result of the processes.

Strength and resistance tests held in a laboratory:

In coloring and discoloration processes with the addition of Acquaplex, capillaries submitted:

• effective and immediate care during the process;
• Maintenance of strength and thickness;
• Texture i ntegra and healthy;
• greater resistance;
• Better combability.