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Mega Blond Ultra Anti Yellow Moisturizing Mask 500ml - Forever Liss


The Mega Blond Ultra Matting Mask enhances the platinum tone of the white, blond, discolored and natural yarns, neutralizing the yellowish accent responsible for the aged look.
Made with Wheat Protein and Chestnut Oil of Brazil that give greater emolience to the blond wires. Enriched with extract of Acai, Acerola and Grape, with antioxidant properties resulting in nourished hair well treated for much longer with shine and silky.
- Platinum Effect;
- Neutralization of Yellow;
- Antioxidant action;
- Prolonged Hydration;
- Intense Brightness.

How to use:
- Apply the Mega Blond Ultra Matting Mask on clean and moist hair, evenly distributed the product throughout the hair;
- Cover and leave for 3 to 10 minutes;
- Rinse abundantly and finish as desired.
- The wick test is essential for checking the tone.
- For very light hair, it is advisable to mix the product in white cream.
- For hair more resistant to yellowing, we suggest the use of Anti-Waste Shampoo before the application of Mega Blond.

-1 Mask Ultra Mega Blond 500gr.