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New Wave Suave - Curl Enhancing Hair Mask 380G - ASP

by ASP
New Wave Suave - Curl Enhancing Hair Mask, suave curl activator cream without rinsing defines curly hair, prolonging the hydration of the hair. Seals hair cuticles, ensuring shine and controlling volume. It is perfect for curly hair with little volume and thin. It can be used with a diffuser, as it is thermo-activated. Enriched with Ojon oil known to restore shine, softness and contribute to the maintenance and reconstruction of the hair fiber. And also coconut oil that promotes hydration of the threads without increasing oiliness. Defined curls, full of shine and softness.
How to Use:
With hair washed and damp, apply the New Wave Suave - Curl Enhancing Hair Mask to treat the hairstyle. Put enough in the palm of your hand and spread it evenly throughout the hair. Do not rinse. To get the curly effect, let the hair strands dry naturally or use a diffuser.
Good to Know: sodium chloride free, paraben free, cruelty free.