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Platinum Blond Btox Intensive Mask 1kg - Forever Liss

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Suitable for blonde hair or highlights, Forever Liss Platinum Blond Matizador intesive was developed with a unique and special technology to deeply moisturize, reduce volume and align the hair. The result is softer locks, without that unwanted yellowness. Nutritious and rich in moisturizing properties, this product seals the cuticle and restores the hair fiber with un-yellowish effect. Win a platinum effect and a perfect blonde now!  
- Phytopigmentos: Exclusive formulation with microparticles rich pigments in Resveratrol, an extracted organic active purple grape.
- Keratin: protein consisting of 21 amino acids which ensures endurance, strength, and softness to the hair hydration.
- Macadamia Oil: Rich in vitamins, it repairs and strengthens hair damaged by chemical processes and aggressions of everyday life, such as pollution, sunlight, dryer and straightener overuse board.
- Quinoa: This component create a protective film on the hair preventing dehydration, and provide shine.   Indication: - A product compatible with any type of chemical; - Suitable especially for blond hair; - Durability on hair, 30 to 50 days.    

How to use:
- Wash the hair with a shampoo anti-waste.
- 80% dry hair removing all moisture.
- Divide the hair into 6 parts.
- Apply Matizador Platinum Blond Forever Liss starting with the root (keeping 1cm away) and with a brush and comb, spread the product to the fullest extent in the hair.
- Leave to act Matizador 10 to 20 minutes.
- After the pause time, rinse lightly removing only the excess product (Note: it is important to leave an amount of produto on hair for best results.)
- Dry and brush your hair.
- then separate the hair into thin strands and use the flat iron 7 to 10 times on each strand. Ready! Now just display your blond locks or hair!
- Before applying any product, always conduct a strand test and skin test.
- Not suitable for pregnant women, infants and children.
- In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water in abundance.

-1 Platinum Blond Mask 1L Forever Liss