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Professional Keratin Hair Treatment Curls Explosion Conditioner 250ml - Probelle


Probelle Explosion of Curls Conditioner is a conditioner designed for the daily care of curly, wavy and curly hair with or without coloring, which provides the formation and elaboration of curls, increases the volume and leaves the hair with a light and natural movement.

Probelle Explosion of Curls Conditioner has in its composition elements that curl the hair, forming curls, soothe the scalp, protect against new external aggressions and free radicals, recover damaged hair, intensely moisturize, condition, give a greater volume and replenish the volume. capillary mass.

Probelle Curls Explosion Conditioner also gives more lightness, movement, elasticity and shine to the curls.

How to Use:
After washing your hair with Probelle Explosion of Curls Shampoo, apply the Probelle Explosion of Curls Conditioner on the strands.
Wait a few moments and rinse.

-01 Probelle Curls Explosion Conditioner 250ml