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Marsala Toning Tint Hair Color Treatment Super Strenght 250ml - Probelle

Probelle Marsala Matizador Super Strength 250ml. Revitalizes and reveals the color of marsala hair with super fast action with long lasting effect, sophisticated red color tone with rejuvenating action.

Specially developed to intensify and revitalize the color of marsala tones, with maximum performance to reveal and intensify marsala tones, dark reds or wine. Fast action with greater penetration into the fiber with long lasting effect, shine, silkiness and silky touch.

With unmatched texture, surprising elasticity, vitality and anti-free radical action.

How to Use:
Apply to hair using gloves. Leave to act for 10 to 20 minutes then rinse, eliminating all product.

-01 Probelle Marsala Toning Tint Hair Color Treatment Super Força 250ml