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Bioplasty Step 2 Only - Lowell

by Lowell
Step 2 Treatment ONLY

Bioplasty is an innovative process that returns the malleability, elasticity, shine and softness of the hair. With reconstructive power, it replenishes the lost mass of the hair and completely seals the cuticles. It has immediate action and is indicated as pre and post any chemical treatment.

Pre Treatment Shampoo - The Pre Treatment Shampoo cleans without drying out and prepares the fiber for hair replacement. Its formula allows shine and hydration due to a wide variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, besides promoting hair restoration.

Replenishing Cream - The Mass Replenishing Cream reconstructs and restores the hair strands with very severe damage in addition to replacing the lost mass. Its formula rebuilds and increases the resistance of the hair as well as promoting softness and natural balance to the hair.

How to Use:
After washing your hair with the Pre-Treatment Lowell Bioplasty Shampoo, remove excess moisture and apply the Lowell Bioplasty Replenishing Cream avoiding the root. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Product indicated for professional use.

-01 Lowell Bioplasty Replenishing Cream 900g