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Professional Sealing Progressive Brush Keratin Treatment Orghanlux 2x1L - Vogue

by Vogue
Orghanlux: is an innovative treatment of high organic activating technology that promotes smoothing and treatment at the same time, to revitalize, repair and restore. Free from formaldehyde and glutaroldehyde and chemical reagents. Do not
ardence or any other inconvenience to the hairdresser and his client. It can be used in pregnant women and children.

How to Use:
Bio Shampoo - Wash Hair 2 (two) times with Bio Shampoo anti-residue. The second time let the shampoo act about 10 (ten) minutes to open the cuticles well, then remove the shampoo without leaving any residue, just after drying the hair with 90% dryer.
Bio Moisturizer - Apply the Bio Moisturizer treatment, dividing the hair into parts and applying the product setrand by strand with a brush and a fine comb. Let it act for 30 minutes for better result (afro and very tough let it take 50 minutes), then remove excess product from the lavatory. Before starting to brush, we indicate the thermo-activation of the product in the hair, and dry for 5 (five) minutes with the hot air on hair. The thermo-activation is always done from the front towards the nape. Plank thin wicks 7 to 12 times each wick until you notice the silkiness and intense glow of the wires.
-01 Vogue Orghanlux Shampoo 1000ml
-01 Vogue Orghanlux Moisturizer 1000ml