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Professional Treatment After Color Kinoa & Ojon Hair Kit 4 Products - L'ARREE

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L'ARREEKinoa & Ojon Shampoo and Mask - Instant hydration treatment and prevention against fading colored and bleached hair. It has full affinity assets for colored and / or bleached hair. Provides nutrients for control of altered cuticles after staining and discoloration, coating the strands, forming a protective film against external aggressions, and retaining pigments longer, preventing color fading. Revitalizes, protects colored hair.

Kinoa & Ojon Leave-In - Promotes hair fiber reconstruction, reduces frizz, moisturizes and restores elasticity to hair providing intense shine from root to tip, returning emollience, lubrication, improving combing, and protecting from external aggressions and mechanical actions (board, dryer and Baby Liss).

Kinoa & Ojon Treatment Oil - Is the purest Quinoa-enriched Ojon Oil that intensely regenerates and strengthens hair, providing lightness, reconstruction, frizz reduction, moisturizing as well as restoring elasticity to the hair and providing intense shine. .

How to Use:
With damp hair apply After Color Shampoo, massage gently. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse. Reapply one more time or more if necessary. 
Then apply a portion of the After Color Mask on the hair massaging gently and let it work for 3 minutes. Rinse off and proceed to finalization step.
Apply a portion of the Leave-in over the hair, massaged from root to tip. And follow up with the desired finishing service.

-1 L'ARRËE Kinoa & Ojon Deep Cleaning Shampoo 1L
-1 L'ARRËE Kinoa & Ojon Masque 1L
-1 L'ARRËE Kinoa & Ojon Leave-In 250ml
-1 L'ARRËE Kinoa & Ojon Treatment Oil