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Progressive Semi-Progressive Power 3D System 2x1 - FioPerfeitto


Progressive Semi-Progressive Power 3D System has been specially designed to meet all types of hair and is compatible with any type of chemical. It provides an effective smoothing and at the same time gives hydration and nutrition to the threads.

It has a unique technology on the market, Hair Sytem Premium, a combination of Karite Butter, D-Panthenol, Coconut Oil and a set of amino acids that help control the volume and elimination of frizz.
3D Power System Technology promotes incredible shine and softness by rebuilding the entire hair fiber with the brushing action and warmth of the plank, thus providing smooth, plump hair for much longer.

How to Use:
Apply Power 3D Anti-Residual Shampoo and gently massage the scalp, length and ends. Then rinse, if necessary repeat the operation.
Dry the wires 100% with a dryer. Divide your hair and m four parts and apply the FioPerfeitto Semi-Definitive 3D Progressive, keeping ½ cm away from the scalp, and let it act for a few minutes.
With the product still in the hair dry the wires making a good brush.
Plank strand by strand 7 to 10 times.
After the boarding process, wait 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Finish with a brush. 

-Anti Waste Shampoo 1L
-Thermic Treatment 1L