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Silver + Argan Grey Blond Bleached Hair Neutralizing Treatment Mask 210G - QOD

by QOD

QOD SILVER + ARGAN is a treatment hair mask for grey, bleached and highlighted hair. QOD SILVER + ARGAN contains active ingredients, which reduce the yellowness on hair. Along with this potent treatment, it adds the antioxidant and regenerative power of Argan oil, ensuring silky, shiny, healthy and repaired hair.

How to Use:
Apply to wet hair. Gently massage into hair, specially at the ends. Leave in hair for 10 minutes and then rinse off well. You can also use a plastic cap and sit with hair under a dryer for 5 minutes for a deeper penetrating treatment. Best results when applied weekly.

Good to Know: cruelty free.

-01 QOD Silver + Argan Hair Mask 210G