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Shampoo Grecin Control Gx Guards Greator 147ml - Grecin

by Grecin
GRECIN CONTROL GX® Shampoo - 147 ml

The first smart shampoo that gradually decreases gray hair

- Change is gradual and you are in control

- subtle results and natural appearance

- Can be used in any type of hair

- Clean and revitalize hair carefully

- Soft ideal for daily use

GRECIN CONTROL GX® Shampoo - 147 ml

The GX Control is the first and only smart shampoo enough to gradually reduce and permanently white hair or gray slowly, while it cleans and conditions your hair. You get an extremely natural and subtle look. Just use it in place of your usual shampoo until you reach the expected result. Then use it in rotation with your usual shampoo to keep the aspect you like. There has never been an easier way to control your gray or white hair.

How to use

The results will depend on you and the white-haired degree you have. The more white hair, the longer the process will be. The important thing is that you are in control and the whole process is done gradually. Generally, it is possible to notice the first four weeks of use. To get the results it is recommended that when using the shampoo, you leave the foam for at least three minutes in your hair. Important to massage to facilitate the penetration of the ingredients on the scalp.

Once you've reached the level of gray reduction you like, you can reduce the frequency of use by alternating with another shampoo. At first, you can use as your daily shampoo. When you are in "Maintenance Mode", use one or twice a week.