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Shampoo Tonalizing Tones of Grisalo Gregin 40g 1und - Grecin

by Grecin

New package!!!

Grecin gray tones darken some white wires, not all. Rejuvenate the grayers.
- Perfect gray: It darkens only a few white wires, blending them between the naturally dark wires, reducing the white hair percentage without changing the color. Apply more times if you want to darken more.
- Easy: Innovative Cover in Comb Format, you apply when combing!
- No mix, no dirt, no complications.
- Economic: A packaging renders multiple applications and does not go out in the washing, lasting much more than other gray reduction products. .
- Does not damage the hair: without ammonia or peroxide. Coloring is activated by air oxygen.

Young and natural appearance. That simple.

IMPORTANT: always read and follow the instructions for use of the included brochure.
* Remember to perform the 48h allergy test before using.

Comb, wait 5 min, wash with shampoo and rinse.