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Therapy PRO Kit Shampoo, Reconstructor, Amino Mask and Amino Keratin - Sorali

by Sorali
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Sorali Therapy PRO - Shampoo, Reconstructor, Amino Mask and Amino Keratin

The Kit Sorali Therapy PRO is compost by a deep cleansing shampoo, a powerful rebuilder, an incredible reparative mask and amazing restructurer.

Nutritive Shampoo (pH 5.5) was developed based on ginger and arginine components that together provide a complete cleaning of the hair and scalp. Acts to control oiliness caused by effects of progressive or natural agents, without damaging or drying out the hair. It provides a delicious feeling of freshness due to Menthol contained in its formula, leaving your hair clean and flowing for much longer. It is recommended to use in hair cleaning and sanitization scalp, before any chemical or hydration process, it has a balanced pH, which cleans and opens the scales properly.

Amino Rebuilder (pH 3.5) is the main component of Brazil nuts and nut butters, fighting capillary aging. It also provides a restoration of damaged and dehydrated hair. To contain in its composition abundant amount of nut butters has high power of water retention, eliminating the dry aspect of the hair. Amino Rebuilder was formulated for fragile and brittle hair by excessive use of chemical treatments other

The Restorative Mask (pH 4.0) is an emollient fantastic that has a great ability to spread, resulting in a silky and soft hair. Prevent the aging of wires due to its antioxidant action. Previous damage caused by chemical processes are reduced thanks to the E vitamin present in the formula.

Amino Keratin (pH 4.0) Restructures regions of wires that have lost strength due to chemical or other treatment agents. It has low molecular weight and therefore easily penetrates cuticles bringing rapid and visible results. Age instantaneously interrupting the breaking of the yarns and leaving them stronger. With this product the professional will complete safety for chemical processes in general..

Main components and their benefits:

Nourishing Shampoo:

Ginger: antiseptic properties and anti-inflammatory benefits, stimulates circulation and has antifungal action.
Jaborandi: Accelerates growth and prevent the fall of the wires.
Guarana: It increases blood flow by dilating blood vessels.
Coffee Seed: Stimulates circulation, accelerate growth, control dandruff, seborrhea, oiliness and acts in strengthening the hair bulb.
Pomegranate: It acts to increase the effect of solar and antioxidant protectors.
Arginine: It forms a film that closes the hair scales, which strengthens and decreases the fall and the wire breaks.
Glycine: Necessary for keeping hair.

Amino Rebuilder:

Brazil Nuts: It is considered one of the best vegetable oils with moisturizing power. It lubricant and softener, which makes the hair silky and prevents water loss, greatly increasing the wire hydration. Moreover, the oil has important components for resetting the protein barrier of wires, reducing the drying and dehydration.
Nut Butters: It has great power of absorption and moisture retention, either on the skin or in the wires, providing immediate and silky hydration.

Reconstructive Mask:

Grape Seed: It is great for hydration resected ends, acts in hair loss prevention and prevents the wires become brittle, and stand out for their ability to assist hair growth. As regards the therapeutical use capillary, grape seed oil is very effective in treatment against seborrhoeic dermatitis (Dandruff), helping to remove the "skin flakes" scalp, maintaining the hydrated.
Wheat Germ: Helps improve the appearance of dry hair, eliminate frizz and close the cuticle of the hair damaged by chemicals and heat.
Tucumã: It is an excellent emollient that features high power of spreadability and provides silky and soft to the skin. It is very rich in vitamin A. This high content of provitamin A, particularly of carotenoids, gives it a high antioxidant capacity. Also rich in B1, B2, C and pectin, an important natural fiber. It is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, behaving as an excellent moisturizer with high fat content because it contains lauric, myristic and oleic acid.
Vitamin E: hair loss prevention, allowing the growth of capillaries acts as aging of the yarns and keep them hydrated.
Nut Butters: It has great power of absorption and moisture retention, either on the skin or in the wires, providing immediate and silky hydration.

Amino Keratin:

Essential Amino Acids: Restores the damaged structure of the wires and is able to form a protective film.
Pca Disodium: Restores and maintains an optimal level of hydration.
Keratin Hydrolyzate: Comprised of a sequence of 18 amino acids linked by hydrogen bonds, salt and disulfide. Its low molecular weight, has ease of penetration into the cuticle of the hair, providing them, brightness, restoration, hydration and conditioning. Its tissue fixation and elevation, keeping deposited even after rinsing.


Kit components:
-1 Nourishing Shampoo 1L
-1 Amino Rebuilder 1L
-1 Reconstructive Mask 950g
-1 Amino Keratin 300ml