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Soul Black The Real Mayonnaise Hair Mask 1000G - ASP

by ASP
Soul Black The Real Mayonnaise Hair Mask has an ultra nourishing action that replenishes the vitality lost over time. The effective formula smoothes the surface of the hair fiber, reducing porosity and frizz, in addition to keeping the volume under control through components that seal the cuticles while preserving the integrity of the hair. Excellent results like visibly recovered hair, deeply nourished and soft.
How to Use:
After washing the hair, apply Soul Black The Real Mayonnaise Hair Mask from length to ends, massaging strand by strand. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
Tip 1 - for a deeper treatment let it act on the hair for 30 minutes, or for 15 minutes with a thermal cap.
Tip 2 - in very damaged hair, it is recommended to use this mask as a pre-shampoo. Before washing your hair, spread a portion of the mask on the strands that are still dry, concentrating the product on the ends to protect them, wait 5 minutes and proceed with washing as normal.
Good to Know: cruelty free.