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Blend Hydratation Maintenance Lovely Home Care 2x230ml - Sweet

by Sweet
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Sweet Blend Hydration Shampoo with physiological pH was developed exclusively to give continuity and maintenance to the smoothing provided by the Lovely Brush. It targets the balance of wires and gentle cleansing, protecting against the formation of free radicals.
Its active ingredient is nano silicone emulsion, nano technology hair (low molecular weight feedstock which gives strength and resistance to the threads) and
PH between 4.5 and 5.5.
It brings as a gentle cleansing benefits, maintains the natural hydration of the wires, protection against the formation of free radicals and repair of the hair fiber.
It is suitable for all types of hair.
With the continuous use of Sweet Shampoo Blend Hydration we can prolong the smooth post-progressive effect for up to 1 month longer than usual.

How to use:

With damp hair, apply the Blend Hydration shampoo on the wires, gently massaging. Rinse afterwards. If necessary, repeat the application.
Amount per application: 15ml
Renders approximately 15 applications.

Sweet Conditioner Blend Hydratation was developed with the purpose of prolonging the smooth post-progressive effect, has components that act on the hydration of the threads, softness and shine. Helps in reducing frizz. Its active ingredient is silicone nano emulsion, nano technology hair, and glyoxylic acid, and pH 3 to 3.5.
It brings benefits such as hydration, softness, repair of threads, elimination of frizz and prolongation of the smooth effect.
It is indicated for all types of hair and especially the hairs that have been smoothed through the Lovely Brush.

How to use:
After washing the hair with the Blend Hydration shampoo, apply the conditioner to the length and tips. Let it act for 3 minutes, rinse and finalize hair as desired.
With the continuous use of the Blend Hydration Conditioner we can prolong the smooth post-progressive effect for up to 1 month longer than usual.
Quantity per application: 15g.
Renders approximately 15 applications.


1x Sweet Shampoo Blend Hydration 230ml
1x Sweet Conditioner Blend Hydration 230g