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Teia Web Effect Hair Moisturizing Reconstructor Vitamins Treatment Kit 2x1 - Aloe

by Aloe

Innovative Shampoo: You will see that when I use it, I have the “Web” aspect, that is, a little sticky in the palm of the hands, but this is necessary, because in my composition, I have many vitamins that need to be fixed in the hair, even after rinsing. Apply it twice with damp hair, in the sink. The first wash will not produce as much foam, but in the second application, the cleaning will be perfect and the vitamin replacement will be in the exact measure for your hair.

How to use: For a lasting effect, moisten the strands and apply the Shampoo Web Multivitamins Aloe Cosmetics©, massaging the scalp gently until obtaining a rich and creamy lather. Slide the foam to the ends and rinse until the product is completely removed. For an even more effective result, combine the entire line of Teia Multivitamins products.

Aloe Cosmetics Multivitamin Mask: When using me, you will notice a huge difference in the texture and recovery result of your hair. I will greatly increase the repair of the hair fiber and restore from the inside out the porosity as well as the strength and elasticity of your hair. I promise you an amazing restoration in few applications. Then you tell me.

How to use: For a long-lasting effect, after washing your hair with Shampoo Web Multivitamins Aloe, spread a small amount of Web Mask Multivitamins Aloe in the palm of your hands. Then press them against each other and this will activate the spider web effect. Once this is done, apply all over the length and ends, massage well, wait 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

-01 Web Effect Shampoo 1L
-01 Web Effect Coinditioning Mask 1Kg