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The One Organic Citric Acid Progressive Brush Smoothing Fluid 1L - Naturale

by Tyrrel

Naturale THE ONE, innovation for your day, versatile product that can be applied in many ways. Formaldehyde and derivatives free, compatible with any type of chemistry, suitable for all hair types. It has active systems that act on the hair and hair bulb, ensuring satisfactory results with safety in the treatment, disciplining and rebuilding the strands. It can be used for reconstruction, volume reduction, capillary botox, sealant and hair relaxation.

The One Organic Naturale Brush promotes effective straightening, while moisturizing and nourishing the hair. Controls hair volume, eliminating frizz, offering a smooth and disciplined effect, in addition to thermal protection and more hydrated ends.

Benefits of Progressive Naturale The One:
- 100% organic
- Does not have formaldehyde or derivatives
- Does not cause burning eyes
- There is no strong smell
- Compatible with Chemicals and Colors

-01 The One Organic Progressive Brush 1L