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Semprebella Treatment Cream Fabulous Banana 1kg


The treatment cream AlwaysBella fabulous banana with shield effect protects, combat breaking and restores the wires.CaracteristicsEncationIndicted for all kinds of hair
S.Description short treatment cream AlwaysBella Fabulous banana with shielding effect protects, fighting Break and restores the threads.Adãohydrata, treats, protects, fighting break and restores the wires.Instancesextrate banana.
Shielding Effect - Protects, Combat breaking and restores wires.

Not tested on animals.

Hydration in 3 minutes. Fabulous! BR> Mode of Use
1 - After washing the hair with the shampoo, remove excess water with a towel.

2 - Apply small amounts of the product, grinding wick to

Mecha, in length and tips.

3 - Let's act for 3 minutes, rinse and finish with conditioning. Chloride, alcohol, parfum, lactic acid, hexyl cinnamal, propylene glycol, muse paradisiaca fruit extract, methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone, magnesium nitrate, magnesium chloride hairstypos > Curly hair, curly hair, curly hair, curly hair, colorful hair, straight hair, mixed hair, painted hair, platinum hair, red hair, dry hair with lights with lights with chemistryhydration , Hairs with progressive, smooth hair, blond hair, mixed hair, oily hair, black hair, broken hair, dry hair, dry hair, red hairstration, hairdrying capillarhydration