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Beutiful By Nature Bonita por Natureza Coconut Karité Vegan 2x240ml - Yenzah

by Yenzah

Bonita por Natureza provides smoothness, aligns cuticles and helps to minimize split ends. In addition, it nourishes and improves the appearance of porous and opaque threads.

Coconut Oil: nourishes porous and worn hair, gives softness, improves the health of the scalp and helps to seal the cuticles of the hair.

Shea butter: provides important nutrients for the health of hair and moisturizes deeply.

Free of salt, parabens, petrolatums and silicones.
Vegan product.

How to Use:
Apply the shampoo to the wet scalp and massage well. Rinse and repeat the process.
Then apply the conditioner to the root and ends of the wires. Let it act for a while. Rinse well.

-01 Yenzah Beutiful By Nature Shampoo 240ml
-01 Yenzah Beutiful By Nature Conditioner 240ml